Your Guide To Killin It This Summer.

If you’re falling in line with the city girls and stallions of the world this summer, then I'm sure you have your neon brights all lined up. But for my fellow sisters of style, it is time to gear for the heat wave. Here’s our blueprint for how we’ll slay this summer.

There’s an abundance of trends coming in from the runway and as well as our social media feeds. Our most beloved brands are creating collections that are sweeping us off our feet. So with that being said, let’s break down the summer must-haves into three main parts: summer brands to keep up with; beauty trends to follow; and trends as a whole.

What’s Hot?

We’ve seen how the slip dress (and skirt) earned its title of being a staple item this Spring, so I guess it’s only fair that we keep the same energy for the Summer. With slips coming in an array of prints and colors, the possibilities are endless when it comes to flossin’ in this. They’re comfortable, lightweight and have the potential to dress up and down any situation. In the spring we seen it mostly paired with sneakers and on top of a white tee but now that the sun is out, it’s time to bring the toes out.

Which leads me to my next summer trend. The minimal strappy sandal.

THE Summer Shoe.

The slip dress and strappy sandals are very equivalent in terms of just how versatile one item can be for a closet. Not to mention functional as well. This 90’s style footwear can be paired with your favorite brunch two-piece, your (flossy) friday night jean shorts and of course with your slip skirt. It is also safe to say that after Rihanna released her own version of this ‘barely there’ sandal in her new Fenty collection, you may want to prepare yourself to see this trend an every fashion enthusiast you know.

Suit Up.

Did you honestly think I would end this list without even mentioning a suit? You should know by now that I am a firm believer in a nice suit being all you need sometimes. The Boiler Suit has a much different look from the traditional style that I’m usually raving about but still very stylish. The boiler suit is a more statement version of a romper. This summer we can expect to this to be on the scene in vibrant colors, made of linen fabrics, belted and paired with a vibrant statement bag.

Let's talk beauty..

‘Clean Beauty’ seems to be the go-to style of the summer. We are seeing more and more glam squads cutting back on the contour for a more fresh face approach. If we’re being completely honest, I think it was time for this shift. A little gloss, a lot of lashes, fun highlighter and an even distribution of foundation is just what the summer wardrobe needs. Keep it light and flossy.

Vogue magazine published an article giving us a few tips on what we’ll need to achieve these timeless summer beauty look. You can read it in full here:

Who Got The Heat?

If you’re looking for the brand of summer, then I only have one word for you...Fenty. Whether you’re one of those people arguing that Rihanna has over priced her clothing line, or not, Fenty will still be the must have brand of the summer. In traditional bad girl fashion, Rihanna, is incorporating all the elements of summer style. Asymmetrical slip dresses. Jean boiler suits. Sassy sandals. And sunglasses to block the shady.

We’re already aware of quickly things can change within the fashion world, but if you stick to these three main points, your summer wardrobe will be timeless.