Fashion -and full circle moments.

I’ve been running into a lot of people and they usually can’t help but to question ‘If I’m still doing my lil blog’ -First off, PUT SOME RESPECT ON THIS.

But yes, yes. I still blog. If we’re being completed transparent about my absence, I needed to push away from the table for a second and refocus. I was starting to feel like I was drowning in all of the superficial things around me. I wasn't moving towards the things I was trying to manifest for myself as a wardrobe stylist.

The goal for my career in fashion has always been more than likes for me. I wanted to be REAL life booked and busy,not just pretty.

So I cut the bullsh*t. Said a prayer. And started to work harder than I played. That’s when the full circle moments started to happen.

What’s Been Up Floss?

As a style blogger and wardrobe stylist there are certain accomplishments you put on your list to check off as you climb up the ladder in your career. For me, being on the PR list for a well respected company was one. This is no shade to the FashionNova babes, but I was striving for something more exclusive and less on the level of ‘fast fashion’. Though I foreseen it unfolding as a 2020 achievement, manifestation had different plans.

It’s no secret that when I step out, I’m always flossy and having a couture/design house recognize and appreciate that about me made my day (probably my month). L’jai Amor was created and is designed by the talented Paige. Her designs have been seen on so many talents and celebrities… and now ME? Working with the brand was an honor for me because of the integrity and quality behind each and every piece.

Images Courtesy of: @dauphintales_

Then What Happened?

And then there was VOGUE.

Of course if you follow me on social media then the cat is already out of the bag. Me and a team of wonderful talents were recently published in Vogue Italia. Now I can add 'published' to my title as a wardrobe stylist. Being published was one of those opportunities that always seen to barely miss me. I've worked on a couple projects where our submission was rejected or the photos accepted weren't looks that I had styled. So when this moment happened, it was a win for me personally.

The small wins along the path to the bigger ones have been keeping me focused. I remember crying in the car after work one day because in that moment I felt stuck in my 9-5. I was making great money but not having my income come from styling was depressing for me. So now to be able to maintain monthly bookings and make other accomplishments all I can say is thank you to,God. For anyone who may feel like they're stuck, just take a moment to step back. Then keep going. Being in fashion is a roller coaster and we just have to stay strapped in.

Fashionably Yours,

Miss Flossy