A Closer Look At Vicieux.

Vicieux is a highly respected clothing brand created by Sidney Rillieux of New Orleans, LA. The brand has always offered qualitative and unique styles for both women and men, which was the thing that caught my eye. After becoming a genuine supporter of the brand, it was only right that we got an interview. And here it is. Enjoy.

I’m sure you’re always asked about the pronunciation of your brand. But can you give us some background of what inspired the name Vicieux?

Of course I’m always asked how to pronounce Vicieux, but it’s not as hard as people think. VICIEUX | adj. \'vi-sē-ā\ French. meaning vicious, even simpler vi-see-yay. The name comes from when I was younger, a few friends of mine used to jokingly call me sid vicious, an actual wrestler and also a deceased rockstar’s name, that stuck with me through out social media since MySpace. VICIEUX is the French form of vicious which my last name is also French (Rillieux) and I thought it was dope that the last 4 letters were the same. When I started to create clothes and struggled to think of a name, Vicieux always stuck out to me. It’s very unique, I feel it doesn’t have to be limited to just streetwear. I always thought it was a solid name that can stand next to Supreme, or The Hundreds, but also Gucci and Chanel. No limitations.

When creating your brand/clothing line, what was your specific goal that you had in mind?

My goal was always to show the talent New Orleans have to offer. I used to shop and spend so much on these high end brands, always thinking to myself I have better ideas. So it was time for me to create and show my thoughts.

Your line is well known for its unique designs ranging from boxing shorts to graphic tees. What is it that keeps you inspired and helps you to come up with new designs?

Before designing, I've always thought as myself as a fashionable person. Pretty fashion forward and ahead in most instances. Most times when designing, I design for myself, I design the things I want to wear. I bring pieces to life that I would shop for but isn’t available yet. When designing those boxing shorts, I was actually about to purchase a pair to casually wear with vintage graphic tees. I thought to myself, why purchase that, when I can actually create it exactly how I want. I went with my move and it was the best decision I’ve made with this brand. I believe it set me apart for sure. All of my designs are simply my thoughts and what I would like to see myself and everyone else wearing.

What is your favorite piece Vicieux has ever created? And are you sitting on any unreleased pieces?

I have so many dope pieces honestly, but the boxing shorts are for sure my favorite. That was my first cut & sew piece and set the tone for my brand. Every piece after that, had to be another step above. I set the bar high and I have to live up to it, I have to outdo myself. I have so many unreleased pieces that’ll never see the light, seriously. Lettermans, hoodies, tees, more boxing shorts. When designing as much as I do, I sample every single design, but all pieces don’t make the final cut.

Smaller designers and brands have been the source of inspiration (in my opinion) for higher end brands-which tends to lead to designs being stolen and/or copied. What’s your take on this and protecting the work of smaller designers? Do you think you would be flattered by the imitation?

Before I dropped my boxing shorts last year, I’ve never saw anyone wear them as a trend, I’ve never saw any brand create that type of piece. After mine, I saw several mainstream brands do boxing shorts, one brand actually copied my whole design along with another local designer to make one solid design for themselves. I don't know how we can protect our business and designs but it’s really dope to me to see these big brands and corporations copy little ole me. It just shows these brands have been inspired by the streets for years and years, and it’s up to us to change this. We don’t have to shop with these mainstream brands anymore. New Orleans black designers have been dropping so much quality, and we’re proving ourselves to be so far ahead of everyone else. Shop within ourselves.

If you could describe your brand in a sentence, what would it be?

VICIEUX is a cozy and vibrant brand that anyone could relate to and sport no matter the gender or ethnicity

As an entrepreneur navigating through the digital age, what advice would you offer to someone trying to obtain a successful business such as yours? And if you had the chance to pick the ear of someone like Virgil Abloh, what’s some advice you would ask for?

Take your time and start off small. Believe in your product and don’t just put out anything for a quick dollar. Make every piece memorable. If I could pick Virgil Abloh’s ear, I would want to know what made him go from Pyrex to Off White? Why didn’t he make Pyrex a full brand? What was his state of mind when creating those Pyrex pieces? I would like to know because before starting Vicieux, I was in a similar boat. I started off making Yeezy for President 2020 shirts years ago when Kanye said he was running for President. It was honestly Me campaigning jokingly because we were all still Ye fans at the time despite his off the wall comments and I thought this idea would do well and be popular amongst our peers. I never wanted to make that a brand though, but the shirts became very popular and actually started to gain the attention of celebs, and that became my transitioning moment. I thought to myself, if people like this basic idea, I have so much more that I can give you, way more creativity. Let me create a brand and show you this yeezy shirt not even half of what I can really give you. So for Virgil, I would like to know what inspired him to do Pyrex and at what moment he realized he need to stop and start Off White?

Of course we can expect Vicieux to hit new heights in 2020. But is there anything we should specifically be on the lookout for?

Just follow my pages on Ig @sidvicieux @vicieuxno and check out the site www.vicieux.co and keep up with the brand, I have plenty releases coming up, but I have big plans for Mardi Gras this year so stay tuned.