3 Girls, 1 Dress.

The blogpost that I originally created in 2016 is back. .and BETTER. There wasn't a better time to launch a blogpost displaying personal style, inclusion and girl power than on Galentine’s Day. When you imagine a circle of women you would want to be surrounded by,these ladies are exactly that.

The Task:

These ladies were all given the exact same dress,with the same amount of time to style. The outcomes were endless and I was anxious to see because each lady has a style unique to themselves.

"When I first seen the outfit, I immediately thought t was out of my comfort zone because I don't like to be too flashy with looks but it was so fun putting this together. I paired the pink dress with a shiny shaggy type of jacket that I ordered from Nasty Gal a while back. I chose to go with a festive kind of look because it was really just my mood for the day."- jaqueline york

"When I first seen the dress, I wanted to pair it with purple boots, but I didn’t find any, so I decided to do a all pink look. I loved the way it all came together! My style changes with the seasons, but I always like to keep it sexy and chic."- kaelin bass

"When i saw the dress i thought to myself this would be a nice two piece set so i called my seamstress ( @creativelysay )the next day and let her know i had a easy task for her! Jackets are always a go to for my style so i asked her to pick me up a denim jacket from the thrift store to distress it and dye it. I mentioned socks to her and she pitched her lace sock idea and sewed them up. I couldn’t have achieved this look without her help, we send fashion looks daily on Instagram, I’m always excited to get exclusives from her so this was a perfect opportunity."- dasia bell

The Purpose:

This is deeper than 3 ladies wearing the same dress. As I mentioned before, this is about inclusion. I sometimes feel like ‘being flossy’ can be seen like a title only appointed to certain people. But that is the complete opposite of what I strive for as a creator. Much like this dress, being flossy is something we can all wear in our own way.

The Fun Part:

"To be in my posse you must be, Loyal Good listener/advice giver Flossyyyy" - dasia bell

"When I think of the word flossy, I think of the word style and not just any style. But something that sets you apart so when you're seen everyone says. . "'oh yeah she's flossy'" - jaqueline york